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Frequently Asked Questions


1.  When, where and how did ICCC start?


            It was in the late seventies and early eighties that a vision for the Marketplace was stirring in the spirit and mind of a Swedish businessman named J. Gunnar Olson. At the end of 1984 a conference was held in Orebro, Sweden with the theme 'Big Brother or the Kingdom of God?' This conference became the platform from which Gunnar Olson shared for the first time the vision he was carrying and the dream of an International Christian Chamber of Commerce. A short time later ICCC was then officially registered as a not-for-profit international association in Brussels Belgium in July 1985 with five founding directors/members represented from Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Canada and America.


2.   Where does ICCC's mandate come from to presume to undertake such a work?


           The vision of an international body of Christian business people moving in faith under an anointing in the Marketplace, galvanized by a common calling and bond was brought about by a series of prophetic confirmations to the organization's founder J. Gunnar Olson over a period of a few years. Four of these confirmations are touched upon here:


A physical sign from a relative stranger communicating ...Now is the time to speak what you have on your heart. (The time was just before a Swedish conference in '84 where Gunnar Olson first shared publicly the call to the Marketplace). ... And this should be your sign! (The stranger pulled out of his bag 2,000 lapel pins depicting two faces looking at each other over a gridded image of a net representing a network covering the world with a shape of a fish running through it). This image became and is still to this day the corporate logo and symbol of ICCC.


After the '84 Orebro conference a Dr. Willard Cantelon, the then chairman of the Presidential Prayer Breakfast in the USA, called unexpectedly by phone from Washington DC to Gunnar at a restaurant in Switzerland and said, " What you have initiated has much greater dimensions than you can now appreciate and understand...we will have much to do with each other in the future ". A year later Dr.Cantelon stood with Gunnar and three others as a founding director/member of ICCC when it was established in Belgium, July 1985.


A mysterious phone call outlining, "...a network of tall trees around the world..." The full text of this long prophecy is available through ICCC. 


And, in the founder's own words, looking back over what has been birthed ... " To this day I cannot understand what happened in any other way than that the Lord directed my steps in detail in a supernatural way. The Bible tells us that we are His workmanship, created for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. I experienced the truth of these words; everything was prepared beforehand ".  



3.   What is ICCC's vision and subsequent purpose and calling? 



                        ICCC represents a serious and challenging call to the Business World, to
                        recognize the times we have entered into and in the light of that recognition, to
                        come into a new dimension of faith available to those who "fear the Lord... speak
                        to one another... and meditate on His Name." (Malachi 3:16)

                       The vision calls for a world-wide network of committed business people in contact 
                       with each other, exchanging ideas, products and services; helping sustain and
                       strengthen each other physically and spiritually. 

                       (See Vision and Purpose of ICCC)


ICCC sees people, humble and contrite, functioning in extra ordinary times as a chosen generation of servant leaders linked in spirit and truth, functioning through a support net around the world, fulfilling God's purposes.  They are and will be: A people of character forged and tried to be pillars of clarity and discernment in confusing times. A people of faith entrusted with nurturing responsibility in the ongoing development of the Kingdom of God on earth; a people of righteousness dynamically moving as a channel of provision to the needs of people, under the sovereignty of God; A people of obedience preparing and implementing the channels from which God's provision will outpour; A people of humility guiding and influencing in holiness, individuals, municipalities, regions and nations for the increasing livelihood of humanity; A people of wisdom recognized for their knowledge and authority operating in excellence.


4.   What is ICCC's mission statement to focus its activities to achieve this goal?


            The mission of ICCC is to: Profess through word and deed the Kingdom of God in the market places of the world; challenge and equip Christian business and professional people to respond by rising up in faith; release and support them in their daily lives as they walk out this call in their businesses or area of stewardship.


ICCC sounds a call to spiritually discern and respond to God's plans for these times to fulfill His purposes. It is a prophetic calling that requires business people to renew their minds and see themselves as God's chosen  ministers and servants in the Marketplace. To this end the Lord is raising up those to help you help others and to enable God's provision and grace to flow through you.


Religious practices will not help us walk through the times to come. It will require humility of thought and actions and a contrite spirit to seek forgiveness and understanding as we walk together with Him in word and deed, day by day.


5.  How is ICCC structured and how does it operate?


            As found in the Statutes and Constitution of ICCC the organization is an international not-for-profit membership association established under Swedish law. The central and superior authority of the association is vested in the International General Meeting (IGM), the International Board of Directors (IBD), and its officers. All other regional, national, or local units shall be subject to these authorities. The IGM convenes bi-annually to consider and approve the work of the association, increase its effectiveness, uplift and edify the members and local organizations, and to undertake other business that may be brought before it. The IBD can compose of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 21 members. 


6.   How many countries is ICCC represented in?


           ICCC is represented in 5 continents and 80 countries currently.



7.   How does ICCC manage so many different world regions? (i.e. Asia, Africa etc) 


           To facilitate the work of the association, ICCC has established regions. Each region, as determined by the International Board, shall also be represented by at least one member of the International Board. This nominee shall be responsible for that region. The vision, mission and work of each region and for that matter national and local chambers is the same, but with a more geographically targeted focus, serving in unison with the International Board. National and local chambers are encouraged to discern the spirit and specific issues relating to their regions and intercede and act accordingly.


8.   What is the relationship between international and national/local chambers?


           ICCC is one worldwide body. When you join at a local level in your country you are also joining the international organization. Therefore, all regional, national and local boards are subject to the authority of the international association. National and sub-national boards (local chambers) are approved by, and subject to, the National Board, which is under the authority of the International Board.



9.   Can I be involved if I do not have my own business?


           YES. ICCC is a chamber of commerce that in principle is designed to support people in commerce and in particular, those who have businesses. But, ICCC acknowledges this can mean you either own your own business, or are a steward or employee of someone else's business. One can also become a member as an individual working in the marketplace.


10.  Can women join?


              Yes. ICCC is NOT a men's club.  It is called to serve all those who sense the calling on their business or professional life.



11.  Can people from any denomination or religion join?


           ICCC is a non-denominational group of people pertaining to the Christian faith and therefore is open to anybody who relates and supports the aims and objectives of the organization and the beliefs that we stand for as found in our constitution. One must relate to the call of ICCC and its transformational impact on them, their understanding of a living God and the impact of the Holy Spirit in their lives. God of heaven and earth loves All His creation and would have nobody miss his or her destiny. His door is always open, many are called, but few choose.


12.  What do you mean by a prophetic calling?


           As the word prophetic suggests, it speaks out a word of knowledge or understanding of God's spiritual or specific plan that will materialize in the natural either through an individual, a group or circumstances. Put more simply in the context of ICCC, it is a challenge to respond that carries with it an anointing of power and ability for its fulfillment. This will likely involve a preparation time beforehand like Moses in the desert, Joseph in prison and David in waiting.


13.  How do I know if I am called?


           You have heard the saying, many are called but few are chosen. You are free to say yes or no to God's calling upon your life. However, it is God's grace and wisdom that calls a person to bring His plan to its fulfillment. Consider the question: if Noah, Moses, Abraham, King David and other great heroes of faith had said 'no' to God's calling, what would God have done? Would He have introduced another opportunity or chosen another more faithful servant? Many people either suffer or are blessed as a result of their individual conduct and attitude in response to the calling of the Lord. When God is calling you for something particular, you will find that your whole previous experience in life has been a training ground for the purposes of God for you. When the time comes to act it will most likely require a sacrifice on your behalf, but God is with you and the path you walk He has already walked before you and prepared the way for your victorious destiny.



14.   What is a Marketplace ministry?


            The word minister means to administer. The Marketplace refers to the area of business or commerce, government and education. It is also a place where people gather to buy, sell, socialize and make decisions. Therefore, it is the understanding that a Minister is not just the local church pastor or priest but is also you and me. It is an acknowledgment that a Minister of God is not limited to just the church environment but has a practical place and function in the workforce and everyday community activities as a whole. It is a belief that there is no delineation between so-called "sacred" and "secular" service to the Lord, but a relationship and harmony of function between those called to serve the church body and the Marketplace. We must work out our calling and function with the talents that have been given to us, for it is God's will that we be "salt and light" in the world.



15.   Explain the Joseph calling?


           Joseph was the youngest of a large and prosperous Hebrew family who were also the extension of the Abrahamic bloodline - God's chosen people. It is an incredible story but holds many clues for our time, and times to come.


            A Joseph-like calling is an acknowledgment that individuals, companies and countries are called to be channels of supply and provision to populations as a whole and to God's chosen people and faithful believers strategically during good times, hard times and in particular tribulations that may come. 


It is a calling directed to those anointed to be working in the marketplaces of the world, whether business or government, using skills and talents the Lord has blessed them with to serve a higher calling than for just themselves.


Business plays a large part of a market economy, and is the lifeblood of any Nation. God wants His people to have dominion, rule and blessing over the Nations and to be used strategically as channels of provision and blessing. The Joseph calling is a strategic calling that brings with it sacrifice and requires faith, but in the end brings honor and fulfillment.


16.   What is the difference between ICCC and FGBMFI?


           ICCC and the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International (FGBMFI) are both Marketplace ministries and have a long and close relationship. While both organizations have the aim to see God's Kingdom manifest in the lives of individuals and the Marketplace they carry a significantly different role and focus. The FGBMFI focus is for individual men in business, and their primary mandate is to evangelize. ICCC is an official Chamber of Commerce with a mandate to connect businesses and promote business activity among its members, while it also exists to provide practical, Biblical teaching and training for those engaged in the Marketplace. ICCC has a number of International projects underway at any given time and is regularly called upon to assist national governments on specific initiatives relating to commerce. The founders of ICCC and FGBF describe their respective associations as part of one golden chain around the world, each organization along with others, forming a strategic link in the chain of God's purposes.



17.   What is the relationship of ICCC to the local church?


            ICCC is not a church and it is not a religion.  It is a chamber of commerce dedicated to the purposes of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to support believers and their businesses and to witness to unbelievers and world institutions. However, ICCC has come to serve the body of Christ through the local church and in the world at large, by assisting in equipping the saints for the working of the ministry in the Marketplace.


ICCC is a ministry that calls to business people, whether found in the church, the office, halls of government, community institutions or to those who find themselves in the dry well (Joseph) or attending sheep (David), to recognize their special calling and to rise up and fulfill their calling in faith.



18.    What are ICCC's spiritual beliefs and biblical position?          



One God, maker of all things and in the unity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the Godhead.


The Deity of Jesus Christ.


His virgin birth.


His vicarious and atoning death.


His resurrection.


His rightful authority.


His imminent return.


The Bible in its entirety, and the infallible rule of faith and conduct.


The regenerative work of the Holy Spirit leading to the healing of the whole man.



19.   What is ICCC's position on tithing and offerings?


           ICCC acknowledges and supports the Bible's guide and principle of dedicating a tithe as set in precedent by Abraham to Melchizedek and by Moses to the Levites. Likewise, ICCC observes the challenge to provide and make offerings also, separate to a tithe, as people feel directed in obedience to God's Word.


            ICCC also acknowledges the mystery found in Isaiah 58 and the revelation it holds for His people. 


20.   What is ICCC's opinion regarding Israel?


            ICCC believes that God created Israel to be used as an instrument to show forth His glory on the face of the earth. Israel as a nation has at times fallen short of God's purpose through disobedience, and has suffered as a result of sin. However, ICCC believes the scripture which states that those who bless Israel will be blessed.


ICCC believes that Israel still has a prophetic calling and destiny that remains to be fulfilled. A portion of that destiny rests in God's promise that He will use Israel to bless all nations. God has positioned ICCC with favor in Israel and as such, ICCC has a responsibility to assist Israel to understand and fulfill its prophetic call and purpose in the days that lie ahead.



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